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2019 Festival Program

2019 Program and Film Slate Downloads

Click here to download the 2019 Mystic Film Festival Slate of Films.

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  • Finding Bobbi (Canada), Directed by Scot Morison
  • Going Attractions: The Definitive Story Of The Movie Palace (USA), Directed by April Wright
  • Humpback Whales – A Detective Story (UK), Directed by Tom Mustill
  • JFK The Last Speech (USA), Directed by Bestor Cram
  • Manry At Sea ~ In The Wake Of A Dream (USA), Directed by Steve Wystrach
  • One Big Home (USA), Directed by Thomas Bena
  • Pioneers In Skirts (USA), Directed by Ashley Maria
  • Pizza, A Love Story (USA), Directed by Gorman Bechard
  • Six Locked Doors: The Legacy of Cocoanut Grove (USA), Directed by Zachary Graves-Miller
  • Somewhere To Be (USA), Directed by Peter Odabashian
  • The Mamboniks (USA), Directed by Lex Gillespie
  • The Wild (USA), Directed by Mark Titus
  • Tidewater (USA), Directed by Roger Sorkin


  • Around The Sun (UK), Directed by Oliver Krimpas
  • Julia Blue (Ukraine), Directed by Roxy Toporowych
  • Lift (USA), Directed by Alexander Kaminer
  • Mass Hysteria (USA), Directed by Jeff Ryan
  • Sew The Winter To My Skin (South Africa), Directed by Jahmil XT Qubeka
  • The Incoherents (USA), Directed by Jared Barel


  • Baba’s Next Chapter (China), Directed by Jamie C.X. Wang
  • Beneath The Ink (USA), Directed by Cy Dodson
  • Love Birds (USA), Directed by Ashley Mosher
  • Outside The Box:
    The Mind Of An Artist On The Autism Spectrum (USA), Directed by Morgan Giosa
  • Quiet Hours (USA), Directed by Paul Szynol
  • Sacheen (USA), Directed by Peter Spirer
  • The Last Trap Family (USA), Directed by Hudson Lines
  • The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story (USA), Directed by E.J. McLeavey-Fisher
  • The Pull (USA), Directed by Paul Szynol
  • The Ocean Knows No Borders (USA), Directed by Jack Gordon


  • Acts Of Contrition (USA), Directed by Stephen Bisaccia
  • After 48 Hours (USA), Directed by Dani Scott
  • An Evening At The Diner (USA), Directed by Daniel Zagayer
  • Barking Mad (Australia), Directed by Kostiantyn Liakhov
  • Cavan (USA), Directed by Dave Solomon
  • Coma (USA), Directed by Chen Su
  • Dispel (USA), Directed by Kylie Eaton
  • Dodgson (USA), Directed by Dan Michael
  • Dreamers (USA), Directed by Ryan Stottle
  • Eclipse (USA), Directed by Council Brandon
  • Elephantbird (Iran), Directed by Masoud Soheili
  • In A Bind (USA), Directed by Adam Berlingeri
  • In A Landscape, Dreaming (USA), Directed by Ross Morin
  • Intermedium (USA), Directed by Erik Bloomquist
  • Home Is Where (USA), Directed by Susan McCormick
  • Lawyer Lady (USA), Directed by Katarzyna Kochany
  • Mama It’s Cold Inside (USA), Directed by Bryan Metzger
  • Maybe Tomorrow (USA), Directed by Jenifer Stockdale
  • Now Or Never (USA), Directed by Rose Schimm
  • Participant (USA), Directed by John Piazza
  • Processing (USA), Directed by Tommy Butler
  • Ready To Go (USA), Directed by Lynda Reiss
  • Sac de Merde (USA), Directed by Greg Chwerchak
  • Simmer (USA), Directed by Owen Schwartzbardj
  • Sorry, Not Sorry (USA), Directed by Monique Sorgen
  • Still Young (UK), Directed by Marcos Spalding
  • The Bumbry Encounter (USA), Directed by Jay K Raja
  • The Girl Next Door (USA), Directed by Donna Bonilla Wheeler
  • The Last Call (USA), Directed by Marcus Slabine
  • Trop C’est Trop / I’ve Had Enough! (France), Directed by John M. Keller
  • Tumble Dry (USA), Directed by Delia Kelly & Stephen Riscica
  • Ways To Look At The Moon (USA), Directed by Katherine Clark
  • Where Were You (USA), Directed by Rob Levinson
  • Within and Without (USA), Directed by Frank S. Petrilli

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