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2020 Screenplay Competition Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to our top five winners in our 2020 feature film screenplay competition.

Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Award
Dirty Water Dogs by Terri Viani

Screenplay Competition Top Finalists
Landlocked by Steve Becker
Lord of the Silver Hand by Gerald Killingworth
Saving Mark Twain by Staton Rabin
Simmer by Derrick Haggerty and Owen Schwartzbard


Congratulations to our 20 finalists in our 2020 first feature film screenplay competition.

An Angel Whispers by Jeremy Storey
Brook Farm by Alexander Wake
Dirty Water Dogs by Terri Viani – grand prize winner
Float Me Up by Daniel Talbott
Grynszpan/Thompson by Hal LaCroix
HashBrown by Erica Bock
Land of Light by Nicholas Batchelder
Landlocked by Steve Becker
Lord of the Silver Hand by Gerald Killingworth
Never Say Goodbye by Denise Widman
Nikki Lix by Rose Schimm
Pass Over by Alexander Kaminer
Perigee Heart by Robert Languedoc
Riding on Duke’s Train by Ken Kimmelman, Mick Carlon
Runaway Ship by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Saving Mark Twain by Staton Rabin
Simmer by Derrick Haggerty and Owen Schwartzbard
Snowfall by Robert Languedoc
Steam by Robert Languedoc
Where The Men Are by Wendy Jean Wilkins

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